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Use a more specific database. You can try to search social media for the phone number. While this won't often yield a result, searching a social media service is free and fast. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all good choices for informal searches.

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Method 2 of Understand how Spy Dialer works. Spy Dialer is a free service which searches old phone records and available online information. While Spy Dialer is free, it is also relatively out-of-date; this means that you may find the old owner of the phone rather than the current one.

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As with any phone number, you won't find any information about the person if they've requested that their number be removed from common databases. Open Spy Dialer.

Enter a phone number. Type in the digit phone number that you want to look up. Click Search. It's a blue button below the search bar. Doing so will prompt Spy Dialer to begin processing the phone number. Click Search when prompted. This blue button will appear in the middle of the page once Spy Dialer finishes displaying an ad. If you use an ad blocker, you won't see the ad; instead, you'll just wait for a few seconds.

Review the results.

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If the owner hasn't requested that their phone number be removed, you should see a name and an approximate location e. Again, the name that you see here may be incorrect. You can try to get the correct name by running the same search a few more times.

Whatever you're going through, call us free any time, from any phone, on 116 123.

Method 3 of Know that WhitePages is a paid service. While you can use WhitePages to look up a phone number to see its general location and determine that the information about it is up-to-date, you'll need to pay for a Premium subscription if you want to see the phone number's owner. The positive side to using WhitePages is that they keep a relatively up-to-date record, meaning that you're much more likely to see accurate information about your phone number. Since this is cheaper than paying a one-time fee for the information, you'll most likely want to sign up for the membership and then cancel it as soon as you've gotten what you need.

Open WhitePages. You'll find this option near the top of the WhitePages page. Click the search bar in the middle of the page, then type in a digit phone number. This information may be enough for you to identify the number or convince you to sign up for Premium. Sign up for Premium if necessary.

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Enter your email address, create a password, and enter your payment information. Review your searched phone number's Premium details. With a Premium membership, you'll be able to see the number's owner, address, carrier, and more. Cancel Premium when needed. In the United Kingdom, the numbers and both connect to the same service, and there is no priority or charge for either of them.

Callers dialling , the USA's emergency number, may be transferred to the call system if the call is made within the United Kingdom from a mobile phone. All telecoms providers operating in the UK are obliged as part of their licence agreement to provide a free of charge emergency operator service. As of emergency calls made on any network in the UK are handled by BT.

On dialling or an operator will answer and ask, "Emergency. Which service? The operator will then transfer the call to the appropriate service's own call-taker. If the caller is unsure as to which service they require, the operator will default the call to the police, and if an incident requires more than one service, for instance a road traffic accident with injuries and trapped people, depending on the service the caller has chosen, this service will alert the other services for the caller while the operator has to also contact each emergency service individually, regardless of whether the caller has remained on the line.

The caller will be connected to the service which covers the area that they are or appear to be calling from. On 6 October , BT introduced a new system whereby all the information about the location of the calling telephone was transmitted electronically to the relevant service rather than having to read it out with the possibility of errors. Previously, the operator had to start the connection to the emergency service control room by stating the location of the operator, followed by the caller's telephone number, e.

It was common for the person calling to be confused as to why the operator was talking to the emergency service, and the caller frequently talked over the operator. Although the initial response to all calls is in English, callers who reply in Welsh are transferred to the Bangor control room where the call will be taken by Welsh-speaking operatives.

The rooms in which operators work are called operator assistance centres OACs.


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The rooms in which emergency response operators work are called Emergency Control Centres ECCs and are operated by local authorities. In some situations there may be specific instructions on nearby signs to notify some other authority of an emergency before calling For example, bridges carrying railways over roads may carry signs advising that if a road vehicle strikes the bridge the railway authority Network Rail in most instances on a given number should be called first to alert the railway operator of the potential of a major incident occurring should a train pass over the damaged bridge.

Network Rail has its own procedures to alert trains to the emergency and to stop them if necessary. The instructions on the signs then state should then be dialled and that the Police should be requested. The number is It is important for the caller to be aware of their location when phoning for the emergency services; the caller's location will not be passed onto the emergency services immediately, and finding the location requires a combination of efforts from both parties. However it is possible to trace both landline and mobile telephone numbers with the BT operator; the former can be traced to an address.

The latter can be immediately traced to a grid reference according to the transmitter being used, [22] however this is only accurate to a certain wide area — for more specific traces senior authority must be acquired and an expensive operation can be conducted to trace the mobile phone to within a few metres. A number of smartphone apps can now be downloaded that assist with caller location by using the smartphone's satellite navigation features. Since , smartphones which implement Advanced Mobile Location will detect that an emergency call is being placed, and use any available location services WiFi or GPS based location to send an emergency SMS containing an identifier for the call and the phone's location, accurate to 30 meters [23].

This is intended to be received by the mobile operator whilst the call is in progress. On some occasions callers will be put through to the wrong area service — this is called a "misrouted nines". The most common reason for this is when a mobile phone calls and is using a radio transmitter that is located in another force area; most frequently these are calls that are made within a few miles of a border.

Upon establishing the incident location, the emergency service operator will relay the information to the responsible force for their dispatch. In most areas, other forces will respond to incidents just within the border if they could get there quicker, assist, and then hand over to the other force when they arrive.

On strategic routes like almost all motorways and some major A roads in the United Kingdom, Highways England have placed blue signs with the location printed on them , at approximately metre intervals. Although emergency SOS phones are placed along the hard shoulder on all motorways or in emergency refuge areas on smart motorways which automatically send location information to the Highways England regional control centre RCC , most people involved in a road emergency call for help using their mobile phones and so must be able to identify their location.

These signs contain a code which can be given to the emergency operator or the RCC to locate you quickly. For example, a sign may say "M1 A This translates as the M1 motorway, on the "A" carriageway, at Letters J, K, L and M refer to slip roads at junctions. These signs are in addition to the pre-existing m distance marker posts alongside the carriageway. An abandoned call is when a caller, intentionally or otherwise, rings and then ends the call or stays silent; this could be for any number of reasons, including coercion or harm coming to the caller.

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  7. They are normally disconnected by the operator repeating "Emergency. If there is still no response, the operator will sometimes ask the caller to press the keypad or make a noise if they need assistance [27]. If no response is given, they will confirm they are clearing the line. For abandoned calls, if the caller requests the police and the call is routed to police and then the line is dropped, either while waiting for connection or on the line with police, they are checked by police and a call back will be done.

    If there is no answer, the police service are likely to attend and if the line is disconnected without the caller telling the operator which service they need, they then make a decision to filter the call to police if suspicious background noise or clear the line. The and service is able to respond in English, Irish As the first official language, public services are always available in English and Irish , Polish, French, German and Italian.

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    The caller is then transferred to the emergency dispatcher for the appropriate service. In Bangladesh , is the national emergency number. It officially launched on 11 December This number is toll-free. Calling this number connects the caller to an operator, who then connects the caller to the police, ambulance or fire service.